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Little Dreamer

Little Dreamer is a short film about one little girl’s imagination come to life. Set in her tranquil backyard on a beautiful summer day, you are immediately introduced to a myriad of characters ranging from a tuxedo wearing frog, to a pair of drunken gnomes, all living under the same imaginative roof. By blending the worlds of 2D animation and live action cinematography, this film aims to capture the innocence of youth, imagination, and the idea of community.

“I grew up watching old Disney films like Mary Poppins and Who Framed Rodger Rabbit where they meshed the worlds of the actor and the animator. I loved it and wanted to try it for myself.”


– Joey Maiocco | Director

Little Dreamer premiered as part of The Mini Microcinema’s “7 Weeks of Cinema” It was actually their 100th showing! The packed house watched the film and immediately following Director, Joseph Maiocco walked the audience through his process of bringing the project to life.

The film continues to be played regularly during their Lil’s + Lils screenings. Short films for kids from around the world, the first Saturday of every month.