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The Medical Revolution from DNA

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As science continues to unravel the mysteries of the DNA double-helix, medicine is making incredible breakthroughs. This series uncovers the research and technology, creating therapies for disease, personalized medicine, and the role genomic data plays in aiding medical discoveries.

With the pop-culture hype and general misunderstanding DNA has today, this 3-part series will dispel the myths, simplify the science and share real-world stories impacting the lives of our most precious patients—children.

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Episode 1 – The Power of Numbers

Massive amounts of information and computing power serve as the backdrop, as we explore how three of the world’s top children’s hospitals work together to better understand the complexity of DNA, and its potential to serve all of humanity.

Episode 2 – New Horizons

The future of human health shows great promise thanks to recent advances in genomic medicine. CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology and organs grown in a dish will lead to potentially curing thousands of rare genetic disorders in children.

Episode 3 – Medicine Gets Personal

The standard of care is undergoing great change, thanks to the information contained in our own DNA. Now, physicians can make better decisions on what medications they prescribe to us, thanks to the revolution known as precision medicine.


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